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Nepal Sanatan Sewa New York proposes to construct a worship house in New York to fulfill a religious motive of creating a center for following a path to Almighty. Pashupatinath Temple in New York is our goal for Sanatan Dharm Practice to attain the goal of uniting with Ultimate.
An Eternal is Sanatan. Vedic Dharma Religion can aptly be defined as Sanatan Darma. Sanatan Dharma means the Eternal, supreme soul BRAHM. The religion, which eternally exists in God, revealed by God, Which describes the name forms virtues and abodes of God and which reveals the True Path of God realization for all souls is Sanatan Dharma. Such active thoughts and practices that promote physical and mental happiness in the world and ensure God Realization in the end are called Dharma. Sanatan do not have beginning or end, it exists all time. Every Religion guides the human being to its ultimate goal. Being eternal it is capable of making all those who have faith in it ,eternal, by providing them the ultimate knowledge. It has played very significant role in keeping our culture alive.

Let us look at it in more details:
What is Sanatan Dharm? The religion which eternally exists in God, which is revealed by God, which describes the names, forms, virtues and the abodes of God, and which reveals the true path of God realization for all the souls is called Sanatan Dharm, the universal religion for the whole world. The word dharm is formed from the root word dhryan (dhryan dharne); it means such actions and such spiritual or religious practices that finally result in all-good for a soul. A general description of dharm is:Actions, thoughts and practices that promote physical and mental happiness in the world (abhyudaya) and ensure God realization (nishreyas) in the end, are called dharm. There are two kinds of dharmas: (a) Apar dharm, or varnashram dharm, or seemit dharm, or general dharm, and (b) par dharm or bhagwat dharm.
(a) Apar dharm, or varnashram dharm, or seemit dharm, or general dharm. The word dharm means the religious practices and thoughts that are aimed to fulfill a pious goal in life. Accordingly the apar or varnashram dharm is the religious discipline and injunctions of do’s and don’ts that are explained in the scriptures for uplifting the sattvic qualities of a human being in general. Varnashram word refers to all kinds and classes of people of this world living various orders of life (like a family man, a priest, a monk or a sanyasi), and apardharm, it is the preliminary dharm for everyone in the world. Word Apar means ‘secondary’ or ‘general’ or ‘preliminary’ because it is not the absolute or prime. The discipline and rules of apar dharm vary according to the state of the spiritual consciousness of a person, and its rigidness also varies from age to age, that is, from satyug to kaliyug. In short you can understand that (for the existing age) all kinds of good deeds and philanthropic works that are beneficial to the society, and sincere observance of the religious discipline of the ‘order of life’ (religious student, family man, or a renounced person) you are following, come in this category, provided, that they are done with sattvic motivation. Sattvic motivation means having faith in God and then doing all the good karmas or the religious practices which you observe, it will not be classified as sattvic, it will become rajas, because you desired for the compliments and you have received them. Thus you have already availed the outcome of your so-called good deeds. According to the Gita: only to please God and not for any kind of personal gain. Even if you think of receiving compliments for your good
There is hardly any further good outcome of such good looking karmas in the next lifetime. So, apar dharm means good karmas with sattvic motivation where a person is devoted to God in a conventional manner, which means a general faith in all the forms of God. Such good karmas pacify the mind of the doer in the existing life, and in the next lifetime they create a good destiny which is called ‘abhyudaya’ that brings physical and mental well-being in a person’s life.
(b) Par dharm or bhagwat dharm. This is the main dharm which brings the absolute good (the nishreyas) of a soul, and the absolute good of a soul is only God realization which happens through the direct devotion to God in His personal form. It is called bhakti. It gives both, peace and happiness in life as well as God realization. Apar dharm is the general dharm for all and is only a preliminary dharm, which is like the preparatory practice for entering into bhakti for those who cannot accept it in their life right away. Bhakti is above all the religious formalities, rituals and intellectual practices of meditation. In one sentence you can say that bhakti is the true ‘love’ for your soul-beloved God. It could be observed by any person of the world. It is universal; it is for every age; it is said and revealed by God Himself; and it is sanatan which means eternal. Thus, the dharm which is based on such bhakti, which is eternally established in bhakti, and which establishes bhakti for God as a universal religion of the world, is called Sanatan Dharm. God is: “dharmadhishthan.” It means that the Sanatan (eternal) Dharm is established in God and resides in God as a Divine power. It is revealed by God through Brahma before the human civilization and is represented through the Upnishads and the Puranas.

The Blessed Devotees: The Mandir or temple is manifestation of the desire of its long list of devotees who have for years desired a unique place to worship Lord Shiv, the Pashupati Nath, in the Greater New York City. The temple has worship mandap that can accomodate about 400 devotees at one time for devotion to Lord Pashupati. This facility is created with specific desire to have all devotees together when a community style Pooja is done. Shiva Ratri is a day when all devotees, and Teej Pooja is a day when our women devotees, will have special congregation at the holy temple.

Built in Convenient location:
The Temple site is conveniently located in Queens NY that can be commuted either by Metro (F, E, G,R,N,V) or by your car. Parking for cars are available all around the temple location. The Mandir is just Blocks from the Metro station X.

The above is our aim. We need your support and financial help to translate the vision into reality. A great deal of work has been done behind the scene to bring the Temple up. The Temple Registration is completed, IRS approval for Non profit ID has been obtained. Temple Governance will be done under BY Law, which has been written and approved by Ad hoc committee. We are appealing all community members, the devotees of Lord Pashupati, to come forward and help build the Holy Temple by their generous donations in terms of time, voluntary works, constructive ideas on fund raising. Last but most important will be your generous help in funding the project to completion. This will be your temple at your closest reach for your devotional needs. Marriages will be solemnalized, Pooja Archana offered on your behalf or with you in your presence, Shraddha performed by priest, and like in AaryaGhat Kriyaputri could perform 13 day rituals within specially prepared rooms. As Sanatan community size has increased , so is the need for the facilities per our tradition and custom.

Please come forward to donate to your spiritual needs.

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